Document Recordings

Pasion Title Services can record documents for you in any county located within the State of California. Services are available by either retainer or by individual document fees. We will work with you on coming up with the most effective cost solution available based on your volume of recordings. In addition to recording documents, we also run recording desks for Title companies in many counties. This has reduced cost for Title companies considerably. In some cases we may be able to hire your own existing recorder. Services are as follows:

Document Processing and Inventory Management

  • Receiving recording packages from your specified courier service or office.
  • Maintaining a daily inventory of all receivables and releases.
  • Examining documents for record-ability and making changes as required.
  • Dating down recording packages from the plant date.
  • Receiving releases from your branches.
  • Setting up daily recording packages.

Court Recording Services

  • Recording documents and providing series numbers and costs breakdown.
  • Confirmations via email to all necessary branches.
  • Afternoon special recordings as may be required.
  • Running names and taxes as may be required.
  • Map recordings or Court information retrieval as may be required.

We will quote upon request, monthly retainers for companies with operations within a county having set recording times. We are also able to record over the counter in any county in California for companies not having operations within that county.

Please see our recording fees page for our over the counter rates. Rates are adjusted based on large qualities.