Recording Software

RIM Systems
Recording Application Management
Application Features

Releasing Recording Package

Escrow can Release Package directly online
Releases are able to be viewed within the system
Title can view releases by each branch or county
Escrow can monitor process from release to record.

Title Operations

Title can monitor releases throughout the day.
Release Report for the day by county.
Name Run Report for the day by county.
Proactively manage releasing process.
Releases batched to each counties requirements.
System generates automatic Name Run Report.
Posted Confirmation via automation provides Date, Time, Instrument Numbers, Fees & Taxes.


Improves Recording Check Management
Input of Checks / Associates Checks with Fees
Taxes and Doc Fees imported and viewable online
Automation of Bank Reconciliation via export of checks issued
Customizable notification for large transactions
Variance Analysis – Actual vs. “Charged”.


Release reports by Branch County and State
Automated Name Run list per each county
Branch efficiency reports
Customized stale doc report by date


Centralized Location for all recording information
Recording Process is transparent.
Escrow and Title has same information
Standardized communication.
Tailored customized reports
Management of Checking Accounts
Robust Tracking / Order Tool

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